‘I will advertise these for you at my allotment and local gardening club because they are fantastic! We have only one tap in a very large area of allotments and it is a very, very long walk to the tap - and this is the best way to carry water that anyone has seen’

Diane from Dumfermline

‘Bag does what it says it will - Excellent’

John from Kent

‘fantastic for my allotment! My water source is a trough, a fair way from my plot, and this has been a real boon - small piece of hose to use as a siphon, set my alarm for 20 mins and carry over when the alarm goes off - it has taken a little while to find the optimum positioning of the bag/hose mechanism, but when I get a proper siphon for the water butt I will be completely water sorted!’

Anna from Buckinghamshire

‘great product’

Carolyn from Fife